<span>AI : Basic Concept &</span><h2>Introduction</h2>

AI : Basic Concept &


Artificial Intelligence

Fri Jan 05, 2018 | Post By: Kamal Jeet


Many companies and startups are working on the artificial intelligence. It is one of the most upcoming technology revolution in the human history. There are lot of debate going on about if this is good or bad for human population. Well, it is certainly bad for 3rd world countries and good for developed countries. This will cut the workforce dependency of developed countries on the 3rd world countries. This would perform work faster and accurate. And economically viable.

There is another angle of the same on the human population; Security.

Our mind thinks in a direction where it is pushed or have experienced a bit. It takes lot of time and effort to understand the other aspects of the scenario. Most of the people, including Mark Zuckerberg took Artificial Intelligence in most likely Jarvis(Fictional AI of Tony Stark [Ironman]) form. Well that's a fiction. If we think in a different direction than Utron or Jarvis, AI is different from movies.

I believe that you can not build an AI which is based on the conditions. So, if you are building an AI who is having a huge database of stored data and it fetches the data based on the voice command or type in then it is limited. Current AI works on this principle because of the hardware available to them. It is like, an electric chip saves different conditions and commands in a block rows and columns. Then we write different conditional code to pull those commands and stored data to display(or speak through speaker or image) the results. This way a so called AI's intelligence is less than a chicken's IQ.

To build a real life artificial intelligence system, our first requirement is to build the hardware system. Not in electro chip form. It has to come in a biological form. We need to build a biological hard drive system to store the data. At the same time, chip development also need to come in biological form box.

This set of hardware will give us the platform to write the logic of fetching the information and collaborate it to produce the result which can be used as intelligence. Till then we can build intelligent robots to do the repeated work only in a pre-designated area only.